Farm   Location
21808 Woodfield Road
Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Farm Market Hours
 Thursday  10AM to 6PM
Wed, Friday & Saturday  10AM to 2PM

301-330-0165    or   301-219-9629

Body Care

The basis for our candle products will always be wholesome ingredients from the farm
This picture of Lavender is grown 
here on our farm in Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Each of our handmade candles are made of 100% soy wax. The candles are infused with our blend of essential oils.  All Natural Candles are 12oz.

  Our reed diffusers will bring an uplifting a pleasent fragrance to your living space.
 Each diffuser is 4oz in size and plenty large enough to fill your living space with happy thoughts.
 Reed diffusers are great for those who worry about having a candle lit.

InEssential Soy Candles

Herbal & Essential Blends To Choose From

  Lilac & Honey "Lilac & Sage"

Delicious "Nasturtium, Viola & Rosemary"

Honeysuckle  " Lemon Basil, Thyme & Lime"

Field Sage “ Winter Sage”

Lavender Fields “ Lavender”

Cashmere “ Lemon Balm & Lemon Verbena”

Harmony “Rosemary & Thyme

  The containers for our soy candles will vary, but most will be in a square 
shape as shown in our photo above.
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Our natural reed diffusers are 4oz in size. They make great gifts for those concerned about an open flame.