The basis for our body products will always be wholesome ingredients from the farm

   Since 1755, the Girvins have created a long family tradition of working with herbs, plants and animals. Starting in the small town of Leola, PA, the Girvins and the Rohrers had abundant greenhouses and farms. The ideas of growing, creating new things to help our families prosper and, at the same time, staying conservative,  were important for the families. 

   For myself, growing up around animals and working in a flower shop as a teen, set the foundation for future work in both of those fields. As children, watching others create and work with their hands was something that was the norm for us. It was not unusual for us to sit with our mother as she was sowing or knitting our clothes. 

    The spark for soap making and dabbeling with herbs came when I would visit my Great Aunt Gracie's kitchen. She would have herbs and canning jars everywhere. I can still remember the wonderful fragrances hanging in the air and that’s how my love of herbs and crafting of soaps came about.  

    With a lot of hard work and long hours, my husband and I  were able to open our farm market here on our farm in 2009. Knowing that natural skin care was our goal, we decided that the basis for all our soaps and skin care products would be from things grown here on the farm; herbs from the gardens , beeswax from the hives. As a weaver of soaps and candles I believe that simple and wholesome ingredients will always be the basis for our products.  To this day my favorite place is still the kitchen and I love coming up with new things to create. I hope you enjoy our products and we are always here to answer your questions. Our family farm website is

With kind regards,
Stephanie Rohrer

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21808 Woodfield Road
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20882

Our West Palm Beach Location Is On Singer Island

Farm Market Hours
 Thursday  10AM to 6PM
Wed, Friday & Saturday   10AM to 2PM

301-330-0165       or 301-219-9629

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Wholesale inquires are welcome to brick and morter stores. Please contact Girvins to get your local reps phone number for your area.
Visitors are welcome here at the farm. We have all these products on display to sample and purchase.
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